Small businesses are considered the lifeblood of New Zealand’s economy. They comprise about 97% of all companies and employ over 29% of workers to generate an estimated 26% of NZ’s GDP.

Small business owners behind these enterprises, usually work long hours and are committed to the future of their businesses and staff.

According to the latest CPA Australia Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey, there has been an increase in the growth of small businesses in NZ.

Nearly 60% of Kiwi small businesses have expanded over the past year, with 63% expecting further growth over the next 12 months.

All these positive outcomes were achieved despite economic hurdles from here and abroad. However, even with the cooling economy in New Zealand, experts still see a dip in confidence among business owners, and there are tell-tale signs of caution around further expansion.

Although this outlook may be unwarranted since export demand continues to be strong and vital domestic indicators remain stable. It is safe to say that expanding your business is still the best decision to take during these times.

So, for a small business owner with a growth mindset, it’s never been easier to get the funds your business needs to grow. However, building a business also requires preparation and a solid strategy on both your people, products, physical location, and day-to-day operation.

There are four essential factors to consider for any small business owner in New Zealand, and these will include the following.

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1. Your employees

For the majority of business owners in New Zealand, having the right people in your business is essential to success. Therefore, it’s vital to have a talented team that is invested in your business.

That is why it is important to invest in your staff and expand their skill set to match the expansion of your business. You may want to focus on the career development of your primary workers, and help them achieve their goals.

Helping your staff grow through learning and development will have a positive impact on their morale, and they will eventually help you grow your business.

You can begin setting goals for your employees so they have a clear purpose and direction that is aligned with your growth plans.

Once your employee training needs are in place, you’ll also need to re-assess your training, remuneration and working benefits regularly, so they’ll always be motivated to do their best for the company.

2. Your services and products

It would help if you also had a strong product offering, that can evolve, grow and expand is as essential as having the right employees for your business. Always remember that having service goods that complement your main product is a great way to help the bottom line.

However, you need to ensure that you have the right processes and technology in place to help you manage new product opportunities.

3. Your business processes

Are your policies and procedures set up for growth? Are they tried and tested, scalable, and well established? Alternatively, do you need to refine them to fit your current growth plan?

There are a lot of New Zealand business owners who are turning to technology to achieve business efficiencies.

In the last two years alone, 28% of businesses have introduced some form of automation technology to help save time and increase the productivity of their services and reduce human error and improve the quality of their products.

4. Your current location

For most New Zealand small business owners, expanding would mean relocation to larger premises or moving to a new territory and establish a second branch there.

Aside from moving into a new building, it is also essential to consider its geographical location. You need to check if it’s accessible to road networks, transport hubs, and public transport.

You may also want to be close to other related businesses, since it can improve your supply chain. Thus, increasing your productivity and profitability through economies of scale.

Growing a small business in New Zealand is challenging, but it is also rewarding. However, with planning and having access to the right finance, you can ensure that your investment will provide good returns in the long run.

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