If you want to start your own business in New Zealand, it’s crucial to find a reliable source of funding, and it’s even more essential when you’re already up and running.

Getting finance is crucial for your business especially if you want to expand your small business in NZ.  Traditional business financing can often be challenging to acquire especially if you still have a small business.

However, there are several options on the market that you can consider if you’re looking for business funding.

  1. Getting Finance Through Online Lenders

The most popular option for several entrepreneurs in New Zealand is getting finance through online lenders because they can quickly acquire the funds they need for their business, which can also help them better manage their cash flow and grow their business in the long run.

Lenders like Bizzloans NZ can offer small business loans of up to $250,000, and usually, it will only take several minutes to get your loan application approved. Also, the funds are transferred directly into your bank account, and it usually takes less than 24 hours for the whole online application process to complete.

This type of business loan is commonly known as “Unsecured Small Business Loan,” and the major benefit of this loan is that there is no collateral required, which mean you don’t need to put your family home on the line.

However, if you’re looking to take out a larger business loan, then it will require a bit more paperwork, and you may need to present some form of asset security, but compared to a traditional business loan, it’s still far simpler and quicker to acquire.

The ability to take out large amounts of money in just 24 hours is making unsecured loans the most popular type of business loan among New Zealand business owners.

  1. Maintaining Cash Flow Through Invoice Financing

Another popular method among small business owners is invoice financing because it can help them maintain their cash flow by issuing an invoice to a lender to secure a business loan.

There are two types of invoice financing:

  • Invoice finance – small business owners, issue an invoice, and it will be considered as security to obtain a loan.
  • Invoice factoring – other entrepreneurs, sell their invoice to a third party at a discounted or reduced cost to get instant payment.

There are several invoice finance services like Bizzloan’s InvoiceNow, which offer 100% of the invoice value, and would commonly require an ongoing weekly interest rate and small drawdown fee.

This type of funding option is more popular to small business service providers, tradies and agencies, who often deal with cash flow issues which mostly occur after completing a project or after buying materials for their business but have experienced delays before getting paid for their service.

  1. Angel Investor or Venture Capital

If you’re looking to acquire a large sum of money and some form of mentorship that can help you better manage the growth of your business, then an angel investor or venture capitalist may be the best option for you.

However, if you choose this method, then you will most likely relinquish equity and some substantial degree of control over your business, but in exchange, you will receive the backing of an established business or a pool of wealthy investors that will help you take your business to the next level.

Most of the time, angel investors will invest millions of dollars to your business, but they will be keen on getting their ROI or payback on their investment within at least two to three years of operation.

  1. Getting Funds Through Crowdfunding

Another popular type of financing is “Crowdfunding,” and several businesses around the world have taken advantage of this option.

Basically, you will need to convince total strangers to invest their money into your business so you can get your business off the ground. But you need to have a great business idea that you will present through websites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter.

However, you need to understand that having just a great business idea is not enough because you need to present it as an attractive business model to pique the interest of your potential funders.

Usually, these investors will expect various rewards in return like a percentage of revenue, an opportunity to help in the design process or a free product. There are over 600 crowdfunding websites globally, and some of them even allow you to offer equity or shares in your company in exchange for funds.

This will make it easier for you to attract potential investors, but you also need to consider that you’ll be losing some control over your business in the process. Actually, this is the downside of using crowdfunding, and you miss out on the opportunity to find a mentor that guides you on your business.

Mentorship often comes with an angel investor, and funds are usually collected until you reached your business goal, so it’s all or nothing.

Acquiring funds for your small business has become a lot easier than before, so if you need small business funding to help you grow your business or manage your cash flow, you can always contact Bizzloans, and we’ll help you take out an unsecured small business loan.


russell barret small business owner new zealand small business loans

Russel needed an injection of cash to pay his employees while he was waiting to be paid. We were able to have the funds in his account 48 hours after he first applied.

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Max needed funds to renovate his restaurant in NSW. He didn’t want to put his property on the line to secure a loan with the bank. We were able to get him over 100k without offering any security.

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Anna needed funds to renovate her practice in Adelaide. We were able to get her the funds she needed with only providing her business bank statements and photo ID.



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