As a small business owner in New Zealand, it’s essential to expand your presence using your own business website and social media. That is why the internet has become a powerful tool for running your small business.

However, it is also equally important to make web safety a priority. These are some of our suggestions to protect your business from any data breaches and malware.

  1. Make sure you’re using strong passwords

According to a report from the company, Verizon has found out that 63% of confirmed hackings are due to weak, stolen or default passwords.

Also, according to LastPass, it was found out that 91% of those who know the need to use strong password still reuse their weak or default passwords, which resulted in a continuous trail of data breaches.

Therefore, it’s important to create strong passwords, and it’s one of the simplest methods you can use to protect your business online.

To create a strong password, you can use the following methods:

  • Done create a password that contains your personal info or common words that reference you
  • Always use a mixture of letters, symbol, and numbers
  • Always implement the two-step verification
  • Change your passwords at least every month or quarter
  • Don’t use the same password on all your accounts
  • You can use a password manager to secure you login details
  1. Be vigilant for phishing emails.

Basically, phishing is common done when scammers contact you and pretend that they are a legitimate business and they will encourage you to give them your personal details. These types of unethical activities are common nowadays and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. So, you need to be wary and vigilant when receiving emails and other forms of communication from so-called businesses.

If you’re not sure who you are dealing with, it’s best NOT to click the links or popups and most importantly – never share your personal information. Always contact the business or organization to confirm that the email you received did come from them. You can also report any type of scams through the government body called Scamwatch.

  1. If possible don’t use public Wi-Fi

If you’re traveling and you stop by a café or restaurant, it’s best not to connect to a public Wi-Fi because it can put your personal details at risk. No matter how convenient public Wi-Fi is, it will always come with security and hacking risks.

You can always use a Virtual Private Network (VPNs) to get around this because VPNs can generate a secure private network on top of a public network, and there are several services available online with free options you can choose form.

  1. Always have an anti-virus scanner in your machine

To protect yourself from any Malware or computer virus, you can always invest in anti-virus software. These types of application can protect your computer from any online threats, and there are several free options on the web, but the best virus scanners are always the paid ones like ESET.

To choose the best anti-virus software on the market, you should do your own research and find the most ideal virus scanner for your business.

Some of the factors to consider will include the following:

  • The type and size of your business
  • How big is your team and how many are the machines they are using
  • Your current budget for virus scanners
  • What are the features you need

You should also update your web browser and operating system and always back up your data in case of any future events.

There are several online tools you can use to help you improve your web safety like developing online guidelines and conducting web safety seminar with your team to orient them about the dangers lurking on the web.

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