Brand ambassadors can put your marketing to a whole new level.

We’re living in a time wherein businesses can truly thrive by being customer-centric. It also takes a lot to impress consumers these days, and businesses need to continuously innovate their customer experience. One negative social media sentiment from a customer can create some damage to a brand’s image.

That’s why it has become increasingly important for businesses to create a positive impression within their community to push forward marketing and sales. Creating brand ambassadors can revolutionise this aspect in your business. 

Small business owners nowadays know the importance of influencer marketing, loyalty programs, and word of mouth promotions. One good marketing campaign can create a ripple effect that will bring in more customers, referrals and partnerships. The key here is to turn as many customers as possible into brand ambassadors. A customer who is raving about your product or service will inevitably be a brand ambassador to everyone he or she knows. 

So how do you make this possible for your business? Here’s how to convert brand ambassadors and make an impact in your market.

8 Ways to Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

  1. Amplify Your Customer Experience

It’s a competitive world out there as many businesses work on creating the perfect product or service. What makes you stand out is how you make the customers feel about your brand. 

Create a seamless omnichannel experience that will allow customers to buy from your physical store and online channel. You may also enable customers to book your services online or through mobile app for them to secure appointments wherever they are. 

Make sure that your digital assets – websites, apps, and social media profiles are up to date to fully engage your audience. Ask for feedback from your customers to see who are most likely to become brand ambassadors.

2. Loyalty Programs For Brand Ambassadors

Businesses can profit more from repeat customers than trying to attract new ones. Brand loyalty does that and more – as you ensure that a segment in the market will always buy from you or opt for your service. Customers will be more entrenched in your brand when you offer loyalty programs or regular discounts for their purchases. 

3. Focus on Creating Value

It’s not enough to just think about profits. Focus on creating value, and the money will eventually follow. Discuss with your team how you can offer value to your customers that is unique from all other businesses. 

Creating value also comes from providing relevant content on your website and social media. Offer information that could help your audience with issues that your brand can solve. Besides promotional posts, make sure that you create engagement posts just to put your brand’s values out there. 

When people know that there’s so much value you can offer, you’ll make an impact and imprint your brand in people’s minds. 

4. Referral Programs for Your Brand Ambassadors

Referral or affiliate programs can attract new customers to your brand through people who vouch for you. You can also turn these customers into brand advocates when you give them incentives to regularly promote your brand. You can start with giving them discounts or commissions when they refer people to your products or services. If done properly, you can create a larger pool of brand ambassadors that will extend your reach and visibility in the market.

8 Ways to Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

5. Send Thank You Gifts to Impress Brand Ambassadors

Customers will love your brand and promote it even more when you give back to them. Thank You gifts can be in the form of freebies or discounts that you can give during their birthdays or holidays. You can get the resources needed for gift giving by getting a small portion from your sales or profits. You’ll be amazed as to how quick the turnaround is when they are likely to buy more from you or promote your brand to their network.

6. Emphasise Brandsparency

Brandsparency is upholding sustainable and ethical practices in your business, which will make people trust you more. Show how your company follows through with sustainability and transparency, in an honest move to support societal and environmental issues. People will more likely become an advocate for your brand when you are aligned to their values. Brandsparency is a sure fire way to initiate brand ambassadors who connect your brand values to their life goals. 

7. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

You can attract more customers to become brand ambassadors when you reach out to social media influencers. Influencer marketing allows you to target a specific group of people who are more likely to buy your product through the reviews of influencers. When people see an influencer using your brand, they will be moved to promote your products as well. 

Create a partnership program with these influencers, and jumpstart campaigns that will allow their followers to promote your brand through user photos, hashtags and product reviews.

8. Create a Campaign to Generate User Content

Just like with influencer marketing, give incentives to your audience to promote your brand on social media. Establish hashtags that they can easily use and turn up the hype. You can also create contests where you can give prizes to netizens who follow you and tag their friends on your posts. Mention other people and their posts when they create a review of your brand. In this way you can connect to your customers and attract potential buyers as well. 

At the end of it all, it’s about taking care of your customers. When you take care of others, others will take care of your business too. Brand ambassadors are your best friends in business. Strengthen your relationships with them as they help your business flourish.

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8 Ways to Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


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